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Knives, Forks, Spoons

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45-CCPFNSCutlery Combo Pack Knife/ Fork/ Napkin $0.15EACH Add
45-CCPKFNCutlery Combo Pack Knife/ Fork/ Napkin 25/ Pack $2.95PACK Add
45-CCPKFN#Cutlery Combo Pack Knife/ Fork/ Napkin 500/ Carton $55.95CTN Add
32-KSRBC#Cavalier Steak Knife Red Bakelite 12 Pack 2012652 $24.50PACK Add
32-KCK25Arcos Chefs Knife 250Mm Wide Blade $44.95EACH Add
32-CTAUDSTATablekraft Austwind Dessert Spoon 12/ Carton $6.95DOZ Add
32-CTAUTFTATablekraft Austwind Table Fork 12/ Carton $7.95DOZ Add
32-CTAUTKTATablekraft Austwind Table Knife 12/ Carton $11.95DOZ Add
32-CTAUTSTATablekraft Austwind Teaspoon 12/ Carton $3.95DOZ Add
32-CTTF12LTablekraft Luxor Table Fork 12/ Cartoons $15.95DOZ Add
32-CTTK12LTablekraft Luxor Table Knife 12/ Carton $26.50DOZ Add
32-CTTS12LTablekraft Luxor Table Spoon 12/ Carton $15.50DOZ Add
32-CTTES12LTablekraft Luxor Tea Spoon 12/ Carton $10.50DOZ Add
32-CTSKSSBHRTT#Tablekraft Steak Knife with Rounded Tip $8.95CTN Add
32-KSJPRT#Tramontina Porterhouse Jumbo Steak Knife Red 12/ Pack $88.95PACK Add
32-UBS34431Trenton Basting Spoon Stainless Steel Slotted Small $1.70EACH Add
32-UBS34413Trenton Basting Spoon Stainless Steel Solid Small $1.90EACH Add
32-KPSO20DED.Line Stainless Steel Offset Palette Knife 20cm Blade $9.95EACH Add
32-CTDS12LLuxor Dessert Spoon 12/ Carton 17653 $12.95DOZ Add
32-CTSK20642Steak Knife Round Tip Black Handle $1.00EACH Add
32-KPPTG8VVictorinox Paring Knife Point Tip Green 8cm $6.50EACH Add
32-KPPTP8VVictorinox Paring Knife Point Tip Pink 8cm $6.50EACH Add
32-KPPTR8VVictorinox Paring Knife Point Tip Red 8cm $6.50EACH Add
32-KSC3SSScanpan Knife Sharpener 3 Step 18087 $35.95EACH Add
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Note: Prices include GST (where applicable)