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Scourers & Scrubs

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61-SMDWEEdco Merrishine Dish Wand $3.25EACH Add
61-SPSNS6CChux Scourer Non Scratch with Sponge 6/ Pack $10.50PACK Add
61-SHD12CChux Scourer Pad Heavy Duty Pack 12/ Pack $8.50PACK Add
61-SSDF5OOates Scour n Sponge Dura Fresh 5/ Pack $2.95PACK Add
61-SPSGYOOates Sponge Scour Green & Yellow $1.40EACH Add
61-SPSGY10OOates Sponge Scour Green & Yellow 10/ Pack $12.95PACK Add
61-SPSWY10OOates Sponge Scour White & Yellow 10/ Pack $12.95PACK Add
61-SPSHD5MEdco Multy Scourer Sponge Heavy Duty 5/ Pack $2.50PACK Add
10-SC18106Edco Stainless Steel Scourer 50g $1.95EACH Add
10-SC181066Edco Stainless Steel Scourer 50g 6 Pack $10.95PACK Add
10-SC18110EEdco Stainless Steel Scourer 70g $2.15EACH Add
10-SC18110Edco Stainless Steel Scourer 70g 6 Pack $12.25PACK Add
61-SPSRCRapid Clean Sponge Scourer 100x150mm 10/ Pack $8.95PACK Add
61-SPYGSEdco Sponge Scourer Green/ Yellow Small $1.00EACH Add
61-SPYGS12EEdco Sponge Scourer Green/ Yellow Small 12 Pack $11.45PACK Add
61-SMMS2EStay Fresh Magic Mesh Scourer 2 Pack $2.50PACK Add
61-SMDWR2EEdco Merrishine Dish Wand Refill 2/ Pk $3.25EACH Add
61-SPSTRSSabco Dish Scourer with Trigger Release $5.25EACH Add
61-SBPSEEdco Bathroom & Pool Scrubber $2.50EACH Add
61-SPSC3M3M Scourer Pad Purple Professional $2.25EACH Add
61-SWSSEP5JJex Super Soapy Enviro Pads 5/ Packet $2.95PACK Add
61-SW000012ABCABC Steel Wool 250gram #0000 Grade 12/ Pads $16.95PACK Add
61-SW00012ABCABC Steel Wool 250 Grams #000 Grade 12/ Pads $9.75PACK Add
61-SW0012ABCABC STEEL WOOL 250G #00 12/ PADS $7.95PACK Add
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Note: Prices include GST (where applicable)