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Syrups, Toppings & Flavourings

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20-SPHS400CCapilano Honey Squeeze 375g $6.45EACH Add
12-CSYTB750AAlchemy Syrup Butterscotch 750mL $16.50EACH Add
12-CSYC2AAlchemy Syrup Caramel 2L $32.95EACH Add
12-CSYKC750Alchemy Syrup Caramel 750mL $16.50EACH Add
12-CSYC750Alchemy Syrup Chai Elixir 750mL $14.95EACH Add
12-CSYH2AAlchemy Syrup Hazelnut 2L $32.95EACH Add
12-CSYHH750Alchemy Syrup Hazelnut 750mL $16.50EACH Add
12-CSYLIC750Alchemy Syrup Irish Cream 750mL $16.50EACH Add
12-CSYV2AAlchemy Syrup Vanilla 2L $32.95EACH Add
12-CSYVV750Alchemy Syrup Vanilla 750mL $16.50EACH Add
20-STMS3CCottees Maple Syrup 3L $18.95EACH Add
20-STB3CCottees Topping Banana 3L $12.70EACH Add
20-STC3CCottees Topping Caramel 3L $12.70EACH Add
20-STCH3CCottees Topping Chocolate 3L $12.70EACH Add
20-STS3CCottees Topping Strawberry 3L $12.70EACH Add
20-STV3CCottees Topping Vanilla 3L $12.70EACH Add
24-SMCC4Slushee Mix Cola Crush 4L $19.70EACH Add
24-SMLF4Slushee Mix Lime Freeze 4L $19.70EACH Add
18-SDSPAAlchemy Syrup Pump White Large 2L $10.95EACH Add
18-SDSP750AAlchemy Syrup Pump Black Small 750mL $7.50EACH Add
18-FDMSPCCottees Topping Pump $13.50EACH Add
12-CSYHH250Alchemy Syrup Hazelnut 250ml $5.95EACH Add
12-CSYKC250Alchemy Syrup Caramel 250ml $5.95EACH Add
12-CSYLIC250Alchemy Syrup Irish Cream 250ml $5.95EACH Add
Page 1 of 2 (33 items) Prev Next Sort by:
Note: Prices include GST (where applicable)