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Sweet Chilli & Hot

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Code: 20-SHC250F

Fountain Sauce Hot Chilli 250mL

With the distinct spicy aroma and long, hot finish of red chillies, Fountain Hot Chili Sauce gives meals a mouthwatering kick.
Code: 20-SSC500F

Fountain Sauce Sweetchilli Plastic Bottle 500mL

An Aussiefavourite, Fountain's Sweet Chilli Squeezy is delicious on wedges, jacket potatoes and barbecued meats.
Code: 20-SW4F

Fountain Sauce Worcestershire 4L

The distinctively spicy flavour profile of Fountain Worcestershire Sauce has made it a back of house mainstay for many decades and an essential ingredient in casseroles, ragouts and marinades to enric...
Code: 20-CMAS920MF

Master Foods Mustard American 920mL

A sweet and tangy mustard, traditionally used on hotdogs. Widely used in pubs, clubs and bistros.
Code: 20-CMD2.5MF

Master Foods Mustard Dijon 2.5kg

Prepared with traditional ingredients in the French style, this mustard can be used to give the characteristic Dijion flavour to any dish. This mustard has a clean, sharp flavour and a creamy texture.
Code: 20-CSM2.5MF

Master Foods Mustard Seeded 2.5kg

Made from a mixture of whole and coarse milled mustard seeds, our Seeded Mustard is medium hot with an earthy, nutty flavour.
Code: 20-SCH3MF

Master Foods Sauce Hot Chilli 3L

A blend of chillies, mustard and selected spices create this hot and spicy sauce.
Code: 20-SS2.7M

Master Foods Sauce Satay 2.7kg

Tangy sweet and slightly spicy with a creamy coconut and peanut profile that has a smooth versatile application as is, or with the addition of cream or coconut cream.
Code: 20-SSS270MF

Master Foods Sauce Sweet & Sour 270g

Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce is created using a traditional recipe with specially blended plump tomatoes, chopped onions, crisp capsicums, fresh carrots, sweet juicy pineapples and selected aromatic spices.
Code: 20-SSC3S

Sunshine Sauce Sweet Chilli 3L

Rich red brown sauce with chilli and garlic pieces.
Code: 20-SSC700AT

A & T Sauce Sweet Chilli 700ml

An ideal accompaniment for all seafood.... sweet and spicy, but not too hot.
Available in store only
Code: 20-SCH940MF

Master Foods Sauce Hot Chilli 940ml

Made from the finest chilli's, this hot chilli sauce will allow you to control the desired level of heat to your meal. Warning: Seriously hot stuff!
Code: 20-SSTC940MF

Master Foods Sauce Sweet Thai Chilli 940ml

A sweet Asian style sauce with a blend of chilli and tomatoes. Use on many Asian dishes.
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