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Breakfast Cereal

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Code: 20-BFAL6K

Kellogg's All Bran 1kg 6/ Carton

Try this Kellogg's All Bran flakes which is high in natural wheat bran fibre, for digestive balance. Try the 5 day promise.
Code: 20-BFCF6K

Kellogg's Corn Flakes 1kg 6/ Carton

Enjoy this Kellogg's corn, toasted golden flakes made from real mielies. Making sure your whole family begins their day with a source of essential nutrients and carbohydrates. With 9 vitamins + iron.
Code: 20-BCQO1KG

Uncle Toby's Quick Oats 1 kg

Natural superfood. Made from 100% wholegrain oats. Source of fibre. Contains beta-glucan (helps lower cholesterol re-absorption^).
Code: 20-BFJR6K

Kellogg's Just Right 1kg 6/ Carton

Kellogg's' Just Right' is a blend of wholesome grains and has sultanas and apricot pieces that feels just right for the start of the day. It is high in whole grains and fibre, low in salt, has B vitam...
Code: 20-BFNG6K

Kellogg's Nutri Grain 1kg 6/ Carton

We're excited to launch a new and improved Nutri-Grain Original cereal, that has the same great taste and crunch you love. Made with a delicious combination of corn, oats and wheat, new Nutri-Grain Or...
Code: 20-BFRB6K

Kelloggs Rice Bubbles 1kg 6/ Carton

Finding a nutritious breakfast cereal that kids love to eat can be a challenge ' Kellogg's' Rice Bubbles' is a great choice ' it's both fun and nutritious. Made from the puffed grains of whole white r...
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