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Peerless Attack Odour 500mL Spray Bottle w/ Trigger

Item Code: 10-SBAOTP

  • Chlorite is a liquid cleaner, bleaching and disinfecting agent.
  • This product can be utilised in many applications including laundering, disinfecting, mould and fungus control, toilet basin, tile and grout cleaning.
  • Attack an Odour Indoor is a highly effective odour neutraliser which also contains a pleasant residual fragrance.
  • It neutralises the smell of garbage, urine, sewage, body, tobacco and cooking odours.
  • Attack an Odour-Deodoriser neutralises the gases produced during urine and faeces decomposition, as well as those produced during protein decomposition.
  • It is effective against both sulphuric and nitrogenous gaseous bi-products.
  • 500mL Attack An OdourScreen Printed empty spray bottle Complete with Atomiser Trigger.
  • Designed for dispensing Attack An Odour.


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