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Cutlery & Utensils

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32-KWCSTTDECheese Slicer Thick & Thin 3596 $4.50EACH Add
32-CTAUDSTATablekraft Austwind Dessert Spoon 12/ Carton $6.95DOZ Add
32-CTAUTFTATablekraft Austwind Table Fork 12/ Carton $7.95DOZ Add
32-CTAUTKTATablekraft Austwind Table Knife 12/ Carton $11.95DOZ Add
32-CTAUTSTATablekraft Austwind Teaspoon 12/ Carton $3.95DOZ Add
32-MB07203Chef Inox Mixing Stainless Steel 2.2L $3.95EACH Add
32-MB07205Chef Inox Mixing Stainless Steel 3.6L $5.25EACH Add
32-MB07208Chef Inox Mixing Stainless Steel 6.5L $7.95EACH Add
32-MBSS8TChef Inox Mixing Stainless Steel 8L $8.50EACH Add
32-USNSLCCIChef Inox Club Non-Stick Spatula Long $2.70EACH Add
32-USNSPCCIChef Inox Club Non-Stick Solid Spoon $2.70EACH Add
32-KWFSDHChip Scoop Dual Handle $32.90EACH Add
32-UWS400Beech Wooden Spoon 400mm $4.50EACH Add
32-UTUXHD10SSTChef Inox Stainless Steel Utility Tong - 250mm $3.40EACH Add
32-UTUHD12SSTChef Inox Utility Tong HD Stainless Steel 300mm $3.95EACH Add
32-UTUSS40CIChef Inox Utility Tong HD Stainless Steel 400mm $4.25EACH Add
32-UJTNSCCIClub Non-Stick Jumbo Turner $2.70EACH Add
32-KWBTChef Inox Stainless Steel Burger Turner with Wood Handle $9.95EACH Add
32-KWMISAAvanti Mechanical Ice Cream Scoop 6Cm $13.95EACH Add
32-KWMTAAvanti Meat Tenderiser $10.95EACH Add
32-KWAPCSBAAvanti Apple Peeler Corer & Slicer Blue $21.95EACH Add
32-KWAPCSRAAvanti Apple Peeler Corer & Slicer Red $21.95EACH Add
32-KWISAAvanti Ice Cream Scoop Aluminum $5.50EACH Add
32-KWSSS250TChef Inox High Heat Rubber Spoon Shape Spatula 250mm # $6.25EACH Add
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Note: Prices include GST (where applicable)