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Tableware & Bar Supplies

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32-SSWMSC7TChef Inox 180mm Milkshake Cup 7 $5.50EACH Add
32-KWCSC300TTrenton Cake Stand Cover Clear $10.60EACH Add
32-KWCS300TTrenton Cake Stand Low Base 300mm $16.50EACH Add
32-KWCTKristallon Cutlery Tray 4 Compartment $14.95EACH Add
32-CRTR510OOlympia Cafe Teapot Red 510mL $14.95EACH Add
32-MCH70221Trenton Menu Ring Card Holder 45mm $2.95EACH Add
32-IBSSOlympia Champagne Bucket with Handles 3.8L $17.95EACH Add
44-MBSOlympia Reciept Spike $2.95ROLL Add
32-DCBBPPI*Drink Coaster Square Bottle Brush Design 250/ Pack $16.95PACK Add
32-DCPWSPPIDrink Coaster White Round 250/ Pack $15.95EACH Add
32-THCTHLP Long Probe Thermometer with Clip 200mm 0'c To 100'c $11.50EACH Add
32-THCTSHLP Coffee Temp Short Thermometer 140mm 0'c-100'c $11.50EACH Add
32-THPTHLP Pocket Temp Digital Probe Thermometer -50'c To +200'c $33.95EACH Add
32-TR4200BLChef Inox Round Bar Tray Blue Aluminum 240X50mm $22.95EACH Add
32-TR4200RDChef Inox Round Bar Tray Red Aluminum 240X50mm $22.95EACH Add
47-PKPA100AParasol Picks 100/ Pack $6.95EACH Add
47-SWPT100ASwizzle Sticks Neon Palm Tree 100/ Pack $16.95PACK Add
47-TOHN8550APicks Neon Heart 85mm 50/ Pack $1.95EACH Add
32-SKB10AApuro Soup Kettle Black 10 Litre $109.50EACH Add
32-AFASSTTrenton Floor Ashtray Stainless Steel $33.95EACH Add
32-ACCGVVogue Docket Grabber Rail 18" $15.50EACH Add
32-KWSD275VVogue Shaker Dredger Fine Grade 275ml $4.95EACH Add
32-KWCS3TUOlympia Cake or Afternoon Tea Stand 3 Tier $29.95EACH Add
32-KWKTPSHLPHLP Kitchen Timer Beep/ Vibrate Red $16.95EACH Add
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Note: Prices include GST (where applicable)